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More Five Star Reviews on Embracing the Gray

The kind and insightful reviews of my book, Embracing the Gray: A Wing, A Prayer, and a Doubter’s Resolve (Wheatmark Press), continue to come in via To this point, of the seventy reviews that have come in, 97% of the reviews have been “Five Stars” (with the other 3% being” Four Stars”). Here are four more recent entries:

So, here's the thing...the little I've come to know...

1. Life persistently offers up more questions than answers.
2. Along this rutted and circuitous course, we laugh, cry, praise, curse, believe, doubt, rise and fall. Through it all, it's best to have some good music playing.
3. Critical lessons DO present themselves, on occasion. Often from the least expected places.
4. At times, the ground is so parched that just one more crack might make it appear smooth, and no amount of fancy dancing seems able to inveigle the rain. Other times...well, when it rains, it pours.
5. Who is your brother? Everyone. Who is your sister? See the previous answer. Who is your mother? ('You see where I'm going with this?)
6. We have stories. It's worth it to tell them. They're of even greater value when told well.

Mark Hollingsworth gets all of the above. And more. YOU'D be well advised to get this book. Embracing the Gray: A Wing, a Prayer, and a Doubter's Resolve is an inspiring thing of beauty. -P.M.

A scenic tour of a remarkable life. Well, first of all, don't be confused by the title. This isn't about a man who loves the South or the Confederacy. Nor is it about West Point. This is a series of vignettes of Mark Hollingsworth's life that are sometimes humorous, sometimes touching, and sometimes tragic. Although written from a Christian perspective, the book is not preachy nor does it attempt to convert anyone. Rather, each chapter gives insight into his own physical and spiritual journey. Mark is a masterful storyteller. You will want to pick up this book for your summer vacation trips. -C.S.

Embracing the Gray may be the most honest and open book I have encountered, which made it difficult to put down, even on my vacation. I loved the short, chronological, but powerful vignettes that show an ordinary guy with ordinary struggles-who holds on to an extraordinary God (even when it gets hard). Mark has also done some very cool things, which also makes this a fun read, but He shares those stories in a way that doesn't sound like a know-it-all braggart. If you have it all together, you will like this book. If you don't (like me), you will love the adventure of Embracing the Gray!!! -J.B.

Embracing the Gray captures that same bittersweet sense that we are all made for a world better than the one in which we currently find ourselves. Mark's stories and reflections inspire us to not look at people as if they are only flesh and bone, to not consider anyone or any circumstance beyond redemption, and to constantly look for those transcendent moments of eternity that we glimpse in a well-crafted lyric, a lover's kiss, or the passing of a parent. I read Embracing the Gray through in a day, but parts of Mark's story stuck with me for months. I commend this honest, poignant, joyful book to you. -V.W

I continue to be humbled by these thoughtful words. And equally excited that the book is connecting with so many others. If you would like to read more reviews, or write one of your own, or order a copy (now available in Kindle format as well) go to:



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