Tuesday, September 20, 2011

More Letters About "Embracing the Gray"

I have received many thoughtful letters, notes, and messages about my first book, Embracing the Gray: A Wing, A Prayer, and A Doubter’s Resolve. Here is another round of excerpts:

So I just finished a very difficult visit with a family here at the hospital long term care unite, thought I would regroup by reading the your book, just finished the chapter “Checkers,” it was just like the visit I just had with the family.... I had a bit of a cry for you, the family I was just with and for my self for knowing both of your stories.

Then I pick up the book again and laughed my butt off in the chapter “Sleeping With Marc Wozniak”...my office door was open and its right across from the chapel, so I had to get up and close the door. Thanks so very much. -P.S.

As I was telling my boss (The GM of a well known Christian radio station) that he would really enjoy your book, he asked me “How would you summarize it?” I paused and said. “This is a big boy book…lots of hard questions and tough experiences that cause you to wrestle with some heavy stuff.” Thanks for writing this, it has been a great source of encouragement for me. -M.Z.

Your book has meant so much to me. I've cried, laughed and fallen into so many puddles of emotions and visited some of my own contemplative places. Thank you for sharing your life and thoughts. -B.V.

It's great to hear, but not at all surprising, that your writing is resonating with many readers. You have a gift for that type of honest, clear communication. -D.S.

Your book has inspired me to do more for Compassion. You’ve done an incredible job of “laying it all out there.” I’ve been touched, encouraged and a bit refocused. You have a real comfortable writing style that just flows in the reading. You’ve got quite an accomplishment there!

I thought the chapter on your father’s death was beautifully done, very sensitive and faith centered. You have done a terrific job of opening your heart, which I’m sure will bless and challenge those who read it. -J.R.

Your book is drawing some lines between different parts of my life and I think even now I wonder if God really hears me. I have a sense that he does because there are smallish things that he does that let me know He hears. -S.E.

Wow, Mark, thanks for writing this important work! 

I read it in one day, not because I am a particularly great reader or the content was elementary in form, but because you have put down in written form many of my struggles. Deep stuff here. Thanks for the beautiful and brutal honesty. -J.B.

I just finished your book and I loved and can relate to it. Your faith journey and struggles mirror mine. It's reassuring that I wasn't the only one experiencing this. Thank for being real about yourself. Isn't that what God wants us to be…real and honest??? -A.P.

On my way to work this morning I was talking to God as I usually do. This morning I was telling Him that I didn’t understand “something.” At lunchtime I was reading chapter 20 “The Eternal Now.” And the answer to “something” was there…between pages 132 and 136. Your book has answers, but you probably knew that already. Chapter 21, “Checkers,” made me cry (touched my heart in many ways). Chapter 23, “Sleeping with Marc Wozniak,” made me laugh (out loud, in the coffee shop…a little embarrassing). And Chapter 22 “Cold Cuts and Knifing Winds” as well as many other chapters tells me your name is Compassion (interesting that you work for an organization using your name.) I’ve got one more chapter left to read, but I don't want to read it, cause then it will be over and, well...I’ve enjoyed it so much, I don't want it to end. I hope you are working on a sequel. -F.T.

While reading your book, we laughed, we cried, we reminisced about our own challenging childhoods, rethought some of our past and present positions on matters of life and death, and in general, found enlightenment and enrichment along the way. Thank you - we needed to do this.

Knowing some of the characters you wrote about made it more personal. We will highly recommend this book to everyone, from our teenagers, to A’s 84 year old mother, to my siblings, and very special Mom and Dad.

Also we feel it is timely for the general public as it's experiences and lessons shared are of the common human experience which God ordains for each of us...and somehow shows us a way through.

Thank you for writing the book, Mark, for sharing parts of your journey with us. We wish you continued courage to believe in Love along this unforgettable bittersweet sacred adventure we are all on until we stand in God's loving presence...finally fully awake to the truth of Love. -D.A.R.

I continue to be humbled by these thoughtful words. And equally excited that the book is connecting with so many others. If you would like to read more reviews, or write one of your own, or order a copy (now available in Kindle format as well) go to:





Contact me directly if you would like to purchase a signed copy. : )

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