Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Five Star Reviews of "Embracing the Gray" continue

The kind and insightful reviews of my book, Embracing the Gray: A Wing, A Prayer, and a Doubter’s Resolve (Wheatmark Press), continue to come in via To this point, of over eighty reviews that have come in, 97% of the reviews have been “Five Stars” (with the other 3% being” Four Stars”). Here are four more recent entries:

The glorious paradox of no-nonsense faith. Anyone who has spent a few hours around Mark Hollingsworth knows his conversational references to culture, politics, the Good Book and the good fight span a really broad horizon. He has also led a truly fascinating life, and has the wit and word-smithing at his disposal to make his journey into a really entertaining read. Embracing the Gray is a delightful, sometimes dizzying account of Mark's adventures that demonstrates his gifts as a cultural commentator and a writer worth reading. Hollingsworth pulls no punches as he rolls through episodes of his life in the music industry and ministry to the poor, rubbing shoulders with rock royalty and desperately at-risk children, and coming of age between Vietnam and Van Halen. Having said all that, I've barely scratched the surface of the remarkable range of subjects he addresses with unflinching honesty-- and then draws a beeline to his faith, and how all that experience helped develop him into a truly authentic, thoughtful Jesus-follower.

As pastor of a rowdy bunch of mostly Millennials (roughly 18-30 years of age), I am highly recommending Embracing the Gray to them because it provides them a wonderful tool: an example of how to think about faith, as opposed to simply what to think about faith. And to my Boomer contemporaries? Buy it for yourself. If you're a fan of Jesus, contemporary music, social action, Petra, Rush (the group; maybe not Limbaugh for this book), or needing to know that someone else has been through the pain of helping their parents shed the mortal coil with love and dignity, read this book. Then do your grown kids a favor and give it to them to read. (If you're sensitive to salty language, be warned that it makes an occasional appearance in this book. Thus the encouragement to make it available to your "grown children." But please, put some U2 on in the background and read it anyway. You really won't regret it.) -S.W.

Honest, thoughtful, and inspiring. I am usually a fiction girl myself, so sitting down to read this type of book is a little out of my element, but, as I began to turn the pages I became thoroughly involved in the words. This book is an ever-changing story reminiscent of The Wonder Years and written in a style that brings to mind Douglas Adams and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Both witty and insightful, melancholy and uplifting, this journey for truth gives you an honest look into the author's fascinating life. Wherever you are in your life, good, bad or indifferent, this book has something to tell you. -B.T.

Deep waters but not without hope. I just read this book from Mark H. Really touching book. But not just sentimental way: Mark is writing with very strong foundation. If you have been in deep waters without hope then his book is for you. Life is not fair. Not after the Fall. But what are the alternatives if not Jesus. -J.S.

I met Mark on a recent trip to Central America. He struck me as an ordinary guy with a wonderful, fun loving heart. Read his book after returning to the States and realized he is a gifted guy with an extraordinary story as well. I benefitted from his honesty in struggling with a mysterious God and thoroughly enjoyed the "vignettes" of his life that he poignantly shares with us. His writing style kept me coming back for more like a kid unwrapping presents at Christmas, surprised by what each box held. -T.D.

I continue to be humbled by these thoughtful words. And equally excited that the book is connecting with so many others. If you would like to read more reviews, or write one of your own, or order a copy (now available in Kindle format as well) go to:



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