Sunday, March 18, 2012

"If you like Anne Lamott, CS Lewis, and Donald Miller, you will enjoy Embracing the Gray," and more Five Star reviews from Amazon

Here are some more of the Five Star reviews being posted on for Embracing the Gray: A Wing, A Prayer, and A Doubter's Resolve. I am humbled that these top ratings continue to come in at a 97% rate (with the other 3% being Four Stars).

Well worth the journey. As a human who struggles with "what I'd like to see happen" vs. "what often actually happens" in the world, this book is both deeply moving and strangely comforting. Apparently Mark and I have very similar musical tastes and he appreciates thoughtful lyrics. Some great references. Near the end of Embracing the Gray, all I could think was, "Oh my God!" and not in a casual 'OMG' sense. -A.B.

Embracing the Gray is written from an honest and vulnerable perspective. Each reader can find something that speaks to them within the pages. Hollingsworth says things that most people think about but would never say. This book is definitely worth the read. -D.C.

I highly recommend Mark Hollingsworth's memoir. He is a beautiful storyteller with remarkable stories to share. Mark candidly relays a believer’s doubt and struggles weaving in stories of his international travel working among the poorest of the poor and working in the music biz. If you enjoy the likes of Anne Lamott, CS Lewis, Donald Miller, etc. you will enjoy Embracing the Gray. -L.L.

An inspiring journey! This is a book I am glad I made the time to read (one sitting, of course--couldn't put it down)! An autobiographical account of a faith journey that is inspiring, humbling, moving, amusing, encouraging, and uplifting. The sharing in this book is courageous without seeming reckless, vulnerable without the tinge of fear, open and confident without being arrogant. It left me feeling honored to be welcomed into the sharing. It is rare and refreshing to have someone share their faith and their journey in such an open-hearted, open-minded way. Without the drawing of too many conclusions that can close up an idea, the readers are left with still more mystery to explore on their own journey. I was inspired by Mark, but instead of feeling encouraged to 'be like him,' I feel encouraged to be more like me. -L.M.

I couldn’t put it down! Not only has Hollingsworth walked the walk in his lifelong service, he can also talk the talk! He's a fantastic writer. His book is a precious collection of his life experiences, told in a creative, sensitive, thought-provoking, and often humorous way. I think most of us can identify with him as he reflects back and realizes how past experiences can take on new meaning. I think Hollingsworth has only scratched the surface of his depth and talents. -D.M.

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