Sunday, June 3, 2012

I Get Letters

My book, Embracing the Gray: A Wing a Prayer, and A Doubter’s Resolve, has elicited a slew of letters and e-mails.  Here are excerpts of some that have come in…

The thing I appreciate most about you, Mark, is you're real and don't make apologies for calling things like they are, and thus this is a great read. 

I thoroughly enjoyed Embracing the Gray. Your life has certainly been an adventure and an inspiration. Thanks for sharing with the world. My son and daughter want to read it, too. Hey, I might even share it with my book club! 

You (your book, your words) make me laugh and cry. Chapter 21 “Checkers” made me cry  (touched my heart in many ways). Chapter 23 “Sleeping with Marc Wozniak” made me laugh (out loud, in the coffee shop…a little embarrassing). And Chapter 22 “Cold Cuts and Knifing Winds” as well as many other chapters tells me your name is Compassion (interesting that you work for an organization using your name).  I’ve got one more chapter left to read, but I don't want to read it, 'cause then it will be over and, well...I’ve enjoyed it so much, I don't want it to end. I hope you are working on a sequel.  F.T. 

Man, I feel I know you so much better since starting your book. You have my deep admiration for managing to maintain an active faith in a good God after everything you've been through. 

I recently purchased your book on Amazon and enjoyed it greatly. I lazily don't finish 2/3 of the books I start reading, but I couldn't put yours down. Thank you for sharing honestly and from your heart.

At this moment, while everyone else at church is studying, socializing and being in community, I'm sitting in an empty Sunday School room by myself because I'm not sure where or if I fit in. I'm reading your book and sobbing. Thank you for being in my life, for sharing your experiences and for making me feel I'm not alone. I picked it up yesterday (after finishing The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception) to read it and give you some encouragement. Now I know I was meant to read it for me. Thank you... 
Mark...again a great book! I really found many touch points of a shared journey with you. Cried a few times, laughed a few more times and laugh ‘til I cried from time to time. Good read. 

I appreciate your have so many great stories and I'm sure there are so many more! Can't wait to get back to the book! 

It was a pleasure reading your book! (I ordered it off Amazon myself the week it came out). Thanks for sharing your story through this book, it was a very honest interpretation of your journey of life and I'm actually going to send copies to a few people I know who I think would really identify with you and the issues you addressed. 

Your book is over-the -moon fantastic!! Just love the depth and scope of your life, Mark.  J.H.

I ate by myself at Vandalia's in DC tonight and spent the entire time (except when munching) reading your book. All the while, these guys at a table next to me were discussing the lack of need for God / religion because people inherently know the "Good" -- the whole thing was pretty surreal. I'm really enjoying the authenticity that shines through! 

You're like Forest Gump in the sense that you have been present with such interesting people in such interesting situations.

I DID finish it. Actually bought an extra copy or two and gave them to friends as well. Awesome read, man! I was reading it on an airplane - alternately laughing then crying. I'm sure the lady next to me thought I was a nut-job. I truly enjoyed it. Plan on re-reading it again later in the year. 

I've enjoyed many of the stories you've told in your book. I do hope it touches many lives, and I appreciate the level of soul-baring that you offer in its pages.
D.L .

Embracing the Gray gives me peace to be human, to be real and transparent with my Maker. Thank you for your raw, and sometimes, bloody verbiage - it is important to us all!

I benefitted from it.  It's a great book!  You have an engaging and elegant writing style.  I hope my young adult I just finished your book, Embracing The Gray, today and I wanted to tell you how much son will read the first half of the book (which I call your testimony) because you give such an honest accounting of God working in your life and he likes music so I think your music friendships might intrigue him.  You have a wonderful gift for writing and I was truly privileged to read your book.  Thanks!

It was both entertaining and encouraging. The concept of not being human enough really resonated with me. I know that I've been guilty of pretending to be a super Christian instead of just being a real human. The deep thinker in me loved the “Eternal Now” chapter as well. Thanks again for sharing!

Just finished your beautiful book. Thank you for writing it! Thanks for writing about your struggles and doubts, your questions and complaints. Thanks for sharing what most believers would only whisper to themselves. It's a beautiful book and I truly enjoyed it. I look forward to getting home and writing a review for Amazon.. Thanks again for a thought provoking and soul-searching book. Great job!!

I continue to be humbled by the response the book is generating.  If you have read it and wish to correspond with me, I always interact with any communiqués.   You can also read many reader reviews (97% are Five Stars) at:

Embracing the Gray is still available for a limited time as a 99 cent Kindle download at that same link, or as a free PDF download at my website (donations accepted):

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